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JULY 2014

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"Faith sees a beautiful blossom in a bulb, a lovely garden in a seed, a giant oak in an acorn...”

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Considering the current situation, MPR does NOT support show breeding, backyard breeding, "game breeding", or ANY form of Pit Bull breeding. Pit Bulls are overflowing and being destroyed in area shelters - There is NO excuse to add more to an already over-saturated market.
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Welcome to MPR. Our Mission is to promote responsible Pit Bull ownership, provide breed education, combat pet overpopulation, fight unfair legislation, and find qualified homes for sound Pit Bull dogs in Missouri








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Get your free mobile App to promote healthy pets and healthy humans while raising money to support MPR dogs. Missouri Pit Bull Rescue is partnering with WoofTrax, Inc., to introduce and promote the App in this area. Now, for every mile you walk, WookTrax donates to MPR's shelter.

Our community can now support us simply by walking their dogs. Proceeds directly benefit the homeless Pit Bulls that come to MPR each year and support the ongoing good work that MPR does in the community.

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MPR holds Adoption Events on a regular basis to allow the public to meet our dogs, talk to our volunteers about Pit Bull ownership, ask question and spend individual time with a dog they might be interested to adopt.
Please email us if you want to know which dog will be attending posted event(s). Some events may be cancelled in case of rain.


    BLOG JULY 2014
Keep Your Dog Safe During July 4th Fireworks



Traditionally, the 4th of July means large get-togethers and the booming sound of fireworks lighting the night sky. However, that fun and excitement isn’t typically shared by our pets. Unlike people, pets don’t associate the sound, smell, or sight of fireworks with holiday celebrations. Many pets are frightened, and often terrified by the noise that comes along with Independence Day. However, if you follow some simple steps, you can minimize potential issues this holiday.

To protect your pet on the Fourth of July, take these precautions:

  • Resist the urge to take your pet to fireworks displays.
  • Exercise your dog before the fireworks start! Make time in your schedule to give your an extra long workout before the fireworks begin. Dogs that have been thoroughly exercised are calmer and easier to keep quiet. They will also sleep more deeply, and consequently, will be less likely to be disturbed by the noise outside. Of course, if it's really hot outside, take precautions to ensure your dog doesn't get overheated.
  • Keep Calm. Your dog reacts to your nonverbal cues. If you jump or tense up when you hear fireworks because you are anticipating your dog's fear, you may make its fear worse.
  • Do not leave your pet in the car. With only hot air to breathe inside a car, your pet can suffer serious health effects -even death- in a few short minutes. Partially opened windows do not provide sufficient air, but they do provide an opportunity for your pet to be stolen.
  • Keep your pets at home, inside, and in a sheltered, quiet area. Some animals can become destructive when frightened, so be sure that you've removed any items that your pet could destroy or that would be harmful to your pet if chewed.
  • Leave a television or radio playing at normal volume to keep them company while you're attending Fourth of July picnics, parades, and other celebrations.
  • Provide a distraction. Break out your dog's favorite treat, play a game, or give it some extra cuddle time.
  • If you know that your pet is seriously distressed by loud noises like thunder, consult with your veterinarian before July 4th for ways to help alleviate the fear and anxiety experienced during fireworks displays.
  • Never leave pets outside unattended, even in a fenced yard or on a chain. In their fear, pets who normally wouldn't leave the yard may escape and become lost, or become entangled in their chain, risking injury or death. Some people think their dog will be OK if they leave it in a fenced yard, but you'd be surprised to see just how high a panicked dog can jump a fence. Or dig under it.
  • Make sure your dog is wearing ID tags with its name, your name, and your phone number so that if they do become lost, they can be returned promptly. Get you dog microchipped if it doesn't have one. Animals found running at-large should be taken to the local animal shelter, where they will have the best chance of being reunited with their owners.
  • Desensitize your dog to loud noises. Gradually desensitize your dog to the sound of fireworks and loud noises by playing recorded sounds of fireworks. You can find several recordings on YouTube. Start out playing the noise softly and gradually increase it as your dog becomes comfortable with the sounds. Here's a great video that shows how you can desensitize your dog to the sound of fireworks:

Did you know? More pets go missing on July 4th than any other day of the year. A microchip can provide a lifesaving backup for identification, should your pet run away or get lost.

Remember that even the most confident and calm pets may become frightened or panicked at the sound of fireworks this 4th of July, so take a few extra minutes to ensure they’re safe and secure while you celebrate.

~MPR Volunteers




Shelter living is a life-saving option for the few lucky dogs we can afford to help that way, but we can't do it unless we receive financial assistance from people like you.

We have several programs available. Every penny counts! Become a Helping Hand

I Need A 

Foster Home Please
I Need A 

Foster Home Please
I Need A 

Foster Home Please
I Need A Foster Home 

I Need A 

Foster Home Please
I Need A 

Foster Home Please
I Need A 

Foster Home Please
I Need A 

Foster Home Please  

MPR shelter is a life-saving opportunity for dogs that have no other options. For dogs that came from a difficult situation, a stay at the shelter is often a step up in life. But shelter life needs to be a temporary solution. In order to find a home, our rescue dogs need to live in a home and learn how to be well-behaved family companions. You can make a difference... PLEASE open your heart and home for one of the sweethearts. They desperately need YOU!

Become a Foster Home




  • FREE pet licensing, vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries for owners of unaltered pit bulls and pit bull mixes who reside in Kansas City’s 64130 and 64132 ZIP codes. Take advantage of this free service for up to 4 pit bulls per household as quickly as possible since the grant runs through September 2014. Please contact one of the service providers listed below to arrange for service:
  • Spay & Neuter Kansas City, 1116 E. 59th St., Kansas City, MO. For information, call 816 -353-0940 or visit
  • Raytown Animal Hospital, 10401 E. 63rd St., Raytown, MO. For information, call 816-353-3666 or email
  • Northland Animal Welfare Society, 3400 NW Vivion Road, Riverside, MO. For information, call 816-336-1888 or visit

July 4, 2014: Independence Day.

July 15, 2014: National Pet Fire Safety Day. Sponsored by the The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC), ADT Security Services and the American Kennel Club® (AKC). Important tips for pet owners on potential risks and how to keep you and your pets safe.

Why leave your pet at home? Six ways to make pet travel safer, easier, and more enjoyable for all.

Northland Pet Pantry - The mission of the Northland Pet Pantry is to provide short-term help in the form of free food and basic supplies for the companion pets of people who are struggling financially.

This is a directory of unaffiliated pet food assistance programs throughout the United States.

We wish you a very Happy July 4th!

Reminder from the National Canine Research Council - The excellent book The Pit Bull Placebo: The Media, Myths and Politics of Canine Aggression is available for free download at the National Canine Research Council website. Find it here.

Breed Discriminatory Fiscal Impact Calculator - Tool for municipalities in understanding the real cost of enforcing bans and restrictions on dogs because of their looks. The study that led to the calculator pointed out that dogs often identified as pit bulls may be, in fact, another breed entirely, which raises the question on how to properly identify animals that under the law might be banned.

Dog Training with Victoria Stilwell -Top 10 Basic Dog Training Tips - Excellent training tips written by Victoria Stilwell. Five Rules of Positive Dog Training - Positive reinforcement (i.e., giving the dog a reward in the form of praise, play, food or toys when it behaves in a way that you like) has been shown to be the most effective training method. Positive training equals positive results.

Dog Training and the Myth of Alpha-Male Dominance - Victoria was profiled in a recent TIME Magazine article entitled "Dog Training and the Myth of Alpha-Male Dominance." In the article, Victoria helps highlight the differences between traditional dominance-based methods and her brand of positive reinforcement philosophies.

Victoria Stilwell - Child and Dog Safety Guide - No matter how small the dog or young the child, it's never too early to teach children how to interact safely with dogs. 15 Do's and Don'ts for Children and Dogs - An excellent tip sheet written by Victoria Stilwell.

EXPECTING???? - Dogs Need To Be Prepared For Baby, Too - Shawnee Mission Medical Center Offers 'Dog & Storks' Class. Families preparing for a new baby may also want to consider preparing the family pet for the new addition, too. Dogs and Storks class is $29. For more information please see, Shawnee Mission Medical Center Classes

ASPCA Kids and Pets Interaction Guide - A wonderful resource for parents to raise their own awareness of children and pet interactions and what's appropriate at each phase of a child's development. The family pet is a best friend for many children - a companion who not only provides unconditional love, but who also teaches them about friendship, responsibility, loyalty, and empathy.
How to let kids pet your dog - As we all know there can be some danger in having a child approach a strange dog and pet it. The Victor Valley Daily Press has a good story on ways to teach kids to pet appropriately as well as warning signs to be wary of.


    BSL NEWS JULY 2014


NEW - Wellsville, Kansas to consider repeal of pit bull ordinance - A public meeting to discuss Wellsville’s vicious dog ordinance has been rescheduled for 6:00 p.m. on June 30, 2014 at City Hall, 411 Main St., Wellsville, Kansas. Residents of Wellsville: Your city leaders have scheduled a public meeting because they want to hear from YOU! Please reach out to city officials and politely and respectfully encourage them to move forward with repealing the ordinance banning pit bull-type dogs. Let them know that breed specific laws are ineffective, discriminate against and penalize responsible dog owners, and do not enhance the safety or welfare of the residents in communities in which it exists. Urge your city officials to enact an ordinance that deems dogs dangerous according to their individual actions and behaviors and holds dog owners accountable for the actions of their dogs – regardless of breed.
Bonner Springs, Kansas - Bonner Springs, KS OVERTURNED their BSL!!!! Effective January 14, 2014. Hooray Bonner Springs!! - Read More...
Riverside, MO - This just in: Riverside, MO OVERTURNED their BSL!!!! Starting November 01, 2013 there will be a dangerous dog ordinance in place. Hooray Riverside!! - Read More...
Springfield, Missouri is considering repealing breed specific- A task force has been formed to evaluate Springfield Missouri’s dangerous dog laws. Springfield passed restrictions on pit bull type dogs in 2006. The task force, which is made up of a variety of citizens in Springfield, is looking at creating a breed neutral law. The task force as of right now is still in the information gathering stages.
Wentsville, MO - How Wentzville Citizens Beat Their Breed Ban to Win Canine Equality - The key to Wentzville's success was that the residents mobilized. They packed the city council meetings. When speaking, they were factual and polite and they didn't go away. Indeed, they followed much of the strategy set forth in Best Friend's tool kit to fight breed discrimination. In the end, the dogs carried the day and canine profiling was repealed - another example of the continuing trend in cities and counties across the U.S. to end breed discrimination.


Resources for Pit Bull Parents courtesy of Best Friends Animal Society



An excellent article from Bless the Bullys about BSL and staying informed
Knowledge is power - be an informed dog owner



Speak! or rollover!   the choice dog owners need to make

Know the animal ordinances in your town. Don't just be a good pet owner. Insist that your town hold all pet owners to the same high standards to which you hold yourself, whatever kind of dog they share their lives with. Breed specific laws are cruel, and they don't make our communities safer. Humane care of companion animals does.



Sallie, Naveen and Beau


Even though this breed has so much against it, Pit Bulls represent the American culture so well; They come in all sizes and colors, they are strong, loving and resilient…. The all American dog…

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a good-natured, amusing, extremely loyal and affectionate family pet that is good with children and adults. Almost always obedient, it is always eager to please its master. It is an extremely courageous and intelligent dog that is very full of vitality. These dogs are extremely intelligent and learn commands and tricks with ease. They have a zest for life and love to be involved in everything going on around them. They maintain a puppyish demeanor well into adulthood, and that vitality makes them a joy to live with. Once you have met and gotten to know this breed you will wonder how you ever lived without one.

Sallie, Naveen and Beauregard are being featured as our star-spangled spectacular red, white and blue All-American dogs this July.

Sallie is a goofball! She is a great mix of calm and sweet, while still being playful and outgoing. She loves to be close to people and doesn't miss an opportunity to cuddle. She's an ear nibbler and loves to give kisses. Sallie is our favorite little low-rider. She has a long body like a basset and short legs. She's a total riot and loves to make people laugh. You can see the humor in her eyes. This girl has a very positive spirit. All she wants is a family to love....

Naveen is energetic, fun-loving, playful and high prey-drive when he's outside, and he is a cuddly, affectionate, "roll-on-your-back- fall-off-the-couch" lovable goof when he's inside. We think he would do well in a home with a tall privacy fence. Very loving and eager to please. He is a little sensitive and you can hurt his feeling easily but he bounces right back and definitely doesn't hold a grudge. He loves nothing more than to cuddle on the couch and get belly rubs. He is friendly and seem to think everyone is a best friend.

Beau is very sweet and cuddly. Happy-go-lucky, easy to handle for the most part, loving, playful and easy-going. Beau is not defiant but he sometimes act like a goofball and tries to get away with it.

Won't YOU open up your heart and give these fun-loving boys and girl a forever home and a loving family of their very own? Don't wait another day ... APPLY today!

Featured Dog
Featured Dog
Featured Dog



Nicole Bassett


Featured Volunteer

We're pleased this month to recognize the dedication our volunteer, Nicole Bassett.

Nicole tells us, "I have been around some form of bully breed since I was a child. Coming from a smaller northwest MO town, I had heard of BSL, dog fighting and the stigma that comes with this type of breed. I did not, however, know about the horrible conditions that many dogs face in the inner city. The numbers of Pit bull type dogs filling the shelters and animal control facilities."

"While in college, I volunteered at a city funded shelter that did not adopt out American Pit Bull Terriers or any dogs that resembled the breed. The breed was not banned from the area, however the bully dogs that they took in were either—sent to a rescue that had an opening, claimed by their owners, or euthanized. I didn’t then and still don’t understood this process. Most owners there did not register their bully breeds and faced fines to be able to pick them up, which often ended in the dog leaving the shelter in an unnecessary manner. I remember wanting to play with those dogs that had a tag ‘owner redemption only’ on their doors. Of course we, as volunteers, were not allowed to. It was heartbreaking."

"I began following Missouri Pit bull Rescue in 2013 on social media. A recent transplant to KC, I lived with friends and together we had the pleasure of sharing an APBT (Rambo from KCPP), 2 bully mixes and my miniature Schnauzer…all of them being rescues."

"In late 2013, I purchased a home with a large yard for my current dogs, and I felt like I could give a dog in the program a solid foundation while he/she was waiting for a forever home. Given my previous volunteering experience, it motivated me to do something better, so I applied to foster and went through the screening process with MPR. The volunteers that I spoke with were great! I may or may not have had my heart set on at least two of the shelter dogs, but the coordinators picked the perfect dog for my home."

"Freedom, an elderbull, came to live with me in April 2014. The minute that Freedom and I met, I was hooked. It didn’t take long and I became known as a ‘foster failure’. Freedom’s story was a sad one, but she is so full of love and life. I am so glad that I found MPR and that they helped her find me."

"I volunteer at the mini-shelter a few days a month. I have learned so much about the Pit bull breed, among other bully breeds that MPR enters into their program. Every MPR dog that I have had the pleasure of knowing has a place in my heart. The hope in their eyes gives me the drive to do whatever I can to help."

"Recently, I have begun helping with fundraising and attending adoption events with other MPR volunteers. I hope to assist them in raising money, providing breed education and assisting in the fight against BSL."

Nicole, your caring, hard work and commitment are such an asset to MPR and the dogs that we wanted you to know we are so very fortunate and thankful to have you on board. Thank you! You are the absolutely the best!








Happy Updates are the fuel that keeps rescuers going....



Bianca has been a wonderful addition to our family! She is great with our kids, friends, and loves to see other doggie friends. She is protective of her family and deserves all the spoiling she gets. We are working on narrowing down the source of her skin allergies and will be adding exercise to her schedule. As you know, she is very fond of her nap ! She also loves to sit in your lap and snuggle whenever she can squeeze herself into your spot. We love her and wouldn't trade her for anything!

~Driskell Family

Happy Update! Happy Update! Happy Update! Happy Update!



Falkor has been renamed Hoss. We also adopted Clarabelle from MPR, that we renamed Phoenix. They are both doing excellent. They are definitely spoiled rotten and the best of friends. They have to be together at all times. We recently adopted a puppy and they both took him right in. People give my husband and I a hard time and say they can't tell between our human kids and our dog kids. They go camping, swimming, sledding in the snow. You name it they have done it. Hoss is a real trooper, he has allowed my daughter to dress him up in every "girly" outfit possible! I say he's comfortable in his manhood.

~Yeager Family

Happy Update! Happy Update! Happy Update! Happy Update!



Grover or G as we call him in our family is a lover if kids dogs walking. And lots of kisses. We love him so much he has brought us such joy. He and my granddaughter are the best of friends he is loved and adored by all the meet him. Thanks so much for such a blessing.

~Monica Haverkamp

Happy Update! Happy Update! Happy Update! Happy Update!



We adopted Patty Cake on May 18 2013. We changed her name to Hattie Mae. She quickly became fast friends with our other two dogs. We already had a Samoyed named Shaman and a Malamute named Kody. She tested positive for heartworm shortly after joining our family and is now clear and healthy! Shaman passed away in november and Hattie was perfect to keep Kody and us happy with her kisses and smiles. She enjoys going camping with us and car rides. She absolutely never runs out of energy and wants to play 24/7. We wouldn't be able to imagine our family without her. She is our Pretty Mini Pittie!

~ Klate Reimer & Scott Reynolds

Happy Update! Happy Update! Happy Update! Happy Update!


Have a safe, happy and fun July from Missouri Pit Bull Rescue