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Adoption Fee: $135.00

Current living situation:
Fostered by Sarah and Brent

Lori Hanlon: God Parent
Mary Jo Melendres: Good Samaritan

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  • All dogs are vaccinated and on heartworm prevention according to age

  • Adoption fee is minimum $125.00 to cover cost of spay/neuter and shots.

  • APPLICATION, homecheck and references are required.

  • Missouri Pit Bull Rescue is licensed with the state of Missouri


    P.O. BOX 520043
    Independence, MO 64052






    "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."


    ID Number: #20199

    Breed: Pit Bull

    Sex: Female (Spayed)

    Age: 1 to 3 years old

    Weight: 50 lbs.

    Color: White with blue markings

    Good with dogs: Some

    Good with cats: Yes

    Nicknames: Bogie

    Medical Needs: Heartworm Positive



    Bogart and her two puppies (Benny and Brando) were pulled from a high kill shelter just in time. She was so excited to meet her foster mom that she jumped up and kissed her. She spent the entire ride home sitting in her foster mom's lap, smiling.

    Big Bully Smile

    Foster Situation: Bogart is currently in a foster home with two other adult dogs, and a cat. She was great with her puppies, very patient and tolerant, even when they became rambunctious toddlers. The pups have now been placed and we hope that Bogart wont have to wait too long for her turn.

    Bogart has spent time around the other adult dogs in her foster home and she pretty much just ignores them. She loves human attention and is much less interested in playing with doggie friends. She also does not appear to be very interested in the cat. The cat will hiss and swat at Bogie if she accidentally gets too close, but Bogie just responds by walking away.

    Bogie has not been introduced to any human children since we.ve had her, but we believe that she would be great with them. Bogie sleeps in a crate at night and is always a well behaved, quiet, little lady. Even though she is great in her crate, we believe that she would love to someday sleep in bed with her people. She is such a lovebug and wants all of the affection that she can get!

    Bogart is fostered in a home in the city without a fenced in yard and she is taken on leash walks for exercise. She is great on a leash. She stays right by her foster parents and is not bothered by the occasional squirrel or rabbit that crosses her path. Although a fenced yard would be a nice perk, we believe that she would be just fine with leash walks and lots of indoor cuddle time in her forever home.

    Sweetheart | Good Momma | Beautiful Girl | Precious

    Training: Bogie is crate trained and very responsive and eager to please. Her only desire is to please her people and she tries very hard to do everything her foster parents ask. She currently knows how to sit and come when called. She has not had any accidents in her crate and is housebroken. Bogart is home alone for about 8 or 9 hours a day and she does very well. She usually just curls up in a chair and watches out the window. She has not chewed or destroyed anything during these times alone.

    Good Girl | Gorgeous | Love-a-bull

    Personality: Bogart is an outgoing and submissive dog. She craves human contact, and is definitely a "velcro" dog. She follows her foster parents everywhere and loves to snuggle and curl up on their laps. She is a very very easy going girl. She is occasionally playful, but for the most part she is a laid back lap dog. Although she doesn't require a lot of exercise, she does require a lot of love and attention. She would not do well in a home where she is expected to spend the majority of time alone and entertaining herself. Ideally, she would be best in a home where she got to be a true member of the family and participate in most of their activities. She did not get a lot of love in her previous life and now she is trying to make up for it. Can you blame her?

    Pretty Girl | Silly | Hmmm ...

    Best Attribute: Bogart is the sweetest and most eager to please dog that her foster parents have ever met. She is willing to do anything to make her people happy. She loves human contact and attention but is very tolerant of the other animals in the home. Along with her wonderful personality, she is an absolutely beautiful dog. She has pretty grey-blue eyes and a fabulous pit bull smile. She is a sweet, silly, and loving girl all wrapped into one beautiful package. Her foster parents absolutely love her and will be picky about her new home. Bogart has been through a lot and she deserves the very best. Do you have what it takes to give this sweet girl a forever home?

    Sitting | Beautiful Eyes

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