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Fostered by Genni and family

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    P.O. BOX 520043
    Independence, MO 64052




    One who works up a "boom"


    ID Number: #20262

    Breed: American Bulldog

    Sex: Male (Neutered)

    Age: 10-16 months

    Weight: 60 to 70 lbs.

    Color: White with brindle patches

    Good with dogs: Yes

    Good with cats: Possibly

    Nicknames: Boomie

    Special Needs: Undergoing Demodex treatment

    Boomer was initially rescued by SNKC gang. They contacted us immediately to see if we could help. We happened to have an opening for a Bulldog in a foster home in Independence so the timing was good for this lucky guy.

    Boomer was rescued on the weekend of July 4th, hence the name.

    Boomer is currently undergoing mange treatment. His skin condition is improving rapidly now that he is receiving love and good care.

    Big ole bully smile | Sweet Face | Laying Down

    Boomer is fostered in a home with children, two other dogs, cats and even some Bearded Dragons. He is getting a lot of socialization. Here's a note from his foster mom:

    " This boy is just too sweet for words. I don't think I could have asked for a better foster.  He is the best pup. He has his whining moments but he is learning super fast & scared of a water bottle. Heck you make a hand shape like a water bottle & he responds to it. .

    Boomer must have been in a home before. He is housebroke, knows sit, & takes to a bed like a champ. He doesn't mind his crate at all either.

    He does well in the yard and ignores the dog next door. The few times she got close to the fence & tried to fence fight he just trotted off someplace else in the yard.

    Boomie just wants to follow you around all the time & lay down & hang out with you. He won't leave the porch or go in the yard unless you go with him. He loves to bask in the sun. I try to get him into shady spots but he won't have it. I think he came in badly sunburned so I tried to avoid too much sun for him.

    He is spoiled already. He has had free roam of my bedroom & the kids room & hallway. He is not a chewer & just loves to stay by the gate in the hallway so he can see all of us mingle in the living room. He hasn't had much more than a few minutes in the living room though. I am trying to make sure we keep up the normal house routine like we don't have a foster dog so my own dogs don't get too upset.

    Now the cats....sigh. This is where I am not sure. When I picked him up from SNKC he didn't mind the cat at all. I took him to the barkery & he didn't mind their cat either. The first night at home the cats sniffed him out & no worries.  He is now barking at the cats & very much on alert. He does this outside & chases them. I didn't do any cat intros over the weekend due to all the fireworks. My cats were pretty much hidden. Although I know Boomer did see the one cat on the cat tree & got a bit jealous but stayed behind the baby gate & calmed down on his own. That is a good sign. But I will not announce that it is a true fact yet.

    Goof | Good sit | Big Smile | Laying in grass

    This boy is really a low key good dude. He really is. He is not mouthy or a jumper. In fact my 3 year old niece waked him around our backyard while other kids were shooting off fireworks.  She is really attached to him. "Boomer? Where is Boomer? I need to take care of him." I should have video taped it. I think it really shows his personality right there.

    Anyway I could go on & on about this boy. I need to get a bio together tonight & give him a bath again. Wish us luck as this is day #1 & will be our routine day! The point is Boomie is awesome :-) "

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