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  • All dogs are vaccinated and on heartworm prevention according to age

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  • Missouri Pit Bull Rescue is licensed with the state of Missouri


    P.O. BOX 520043
    Independence, MO 64052



    Clover's song






    One leaf is for HOPE... The second for FAITH... The third for LOVE... And the fourth is for LUCK!


    PBRC ID Number: #12578

    Breed: Pit Bull Mix

    Sex: Female (Spayed)

    Age: 1 year

    Weight: 50 lbs.

    Color: Brindle

    Good with dogs: N/A

    Good with cats: Probably

    Heartworm positive

    Old leg injury





    UPDATE: 5/01/2010 - We just took all the dogs on our annual vacation to FL. I have attached a pic of Chloe with a friend's child (Chloe LOVES kids)!



    UPDATE: 12/22/2009 - Chloe (aka Clover) went to the Assisted Living Facility last Friday and was the hit of the party. The old and young got such a kick out of her and she loved every minute of the attention! I think her and I will be doing much more of that! I think Chloe would be honored for this to end up in "Happy Endings" - because I think it's just her new beginning! Have a very Merry Christmas to all of you at MPR!

    Tracy and Chloe Bear



    Precious Sweetheart

    Hope, faith, love, luck.... This sweetheart needs it all!

    We're not sure what neglect and abuse this poor girl has had to endure all her life but it's obvious she didn't leave behind a happy life.

    What we were told was that she had been "stuck" to a bush or a fence for TWO weeks without food or water until she finally escaped. Yes, people saw her there and no one helped, until Clover finally lost enough weight to get out of her collar and go find help.

    The neighbors were contacted and this is how we found out about Clover's predicament for the last two weeks.

    It's anyone's guess as to what happened to her before that.

    Brindle Beauty


    The person who found Clover didn't have the means to keep her and was going to "turn her loose in Swope Park" ... Needless to say, we couldn't just sit back and let that happen to this sweetheart.

    Clover when she first arrived to MPR
    Clover Clover Clover Clover Clover  

    Sweetheart | Sitting | Cutie

    We've taken Clover into our program where she's now safe and will receive the TLC she desperately needs. Her health is currently being assesed by a vet. She probably had a broken leg a long time ago. She is not limping and doesn't appear in any pain. Clover is heartworm positive though, which is no surprise considering the sad life she had before. Amazingly though, this dog loooves people. She is very sweet and can't give enough kisses.

    Happy Girl | So Pretty | Standing

    Even though she was starving when she finally found help, Clover was willing to share her first meal in two weeks with the stray cats. Her savior claimed that Clover would give her kisses between each bite of food she took in a gesture of gratitude.

    Believe it or not however, having a broken leg, being heartworm positive, malnourished, stuck to a fence for two weeks and being totally broken hearted are not the worse challenges Clover has to overcome. Being a Pit Bull "mix" is going to be the most difficult trial for her. You see, most people who want to adopt a Pit Bull want an attractive "full blooded" ABPT.. People that are willing to adopt a "mutt" usually don't want anything with "Pit Bull in it" ... So what happens? More often than not, Pit Bull mixes like Clover are not wanted by anyone... :-( No matter how sweet, friendly, obedient, loving and so-on they are... They just sit in rescue programs, overlooked by most adopters, adored by the volunteers, happy, but homeless....

    Beautiful Girl | So Precious | Cute Pink Tongue

    We don't mind having her stay with us for as long as it will take to find her a home. She is safe with MPR and we will never give up on her. The longer it takes to find her a home though, the less dogs we can help. Besides, we can't wait until Clover finally knows what it feels like to have a caring and loving home. So we can only hope with all our heart that someone will notice her sooner or later and see the beauty in her heart. After all, people should always adopt dogs for their "inner beauty" - Not for the way they look on the outside.

    Nice Sit | Cute Girl | Pretty Coat

    Clover has a BEAUTIFUL heart and it is full of love to give... This is a dog that will never EVER take the good life for granted. She has experienced a great deal of suffering and misery before, she will know a good thing when she has it.... Clover will spend the rest of her life showering her loved-ones with gratitude and love, we have no doubts about it...

    Clover is heartworm positive...!!

    Please help give Clover a healthy heart. She has so much love to give.

    Clover tested positive to heartworm disease. MPR needs all the help we can get for her treatment. Her treatment will cost about $200.00 but the prognostic is good. Clover should be out of the woods 6 weeks after the treatment. Once again, MPR is asking for assistance so we can help this precious soul. God only knows how much she deserves it...

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    P.O. BOX 520043
    Independence, MO 64052


    We know we ask a lot and often.... We wish we could go at least a month without begging... But those sad cases just keep coming... One after another one... Endlessly.... We can't do it without your help....


    On-Line Application


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