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  • All dogs are vaccinated and on heartworm prevention according to age

  • Adoption fee is minimum $125.00 to cover cost of spay/neuter and shots.

  • APPLICATION, homecheck and references are required.

  • Missouri Pit Bull Rescue is licensed with the state of Missouri


    P.O. BOX 520043
    Independence, MO 64052




    Dixie's Song




     Dixie Cup
    The girl's name Dixie is of French and English origin, and its meaning is "tenth". The name refers to a region of the United States known as the Old South. It may derive from one of the surveyors of the Mason-Dixon line, or from the "ten" (in Cajun French "dix") dollar note circulated from Louisiana, which made the South the "land of dixies"

    PBRC ID Number: (#9427)

    Breed: Pit Bull

    Sex: Female (Spayed)

    Age: 4 years old

    Weight: About 50 Lbs

    Color: White

    Good with dogs: Yes

    Good with cats: Yes


    Meet precious Dixie! This fun-loving gal is friendly, sweet, outgoing and as you can see from her photos ... a real ham!

    MPR has made a promise to keep her safe and warm and her belly full of good food to eat until a loving family comes for her.

    Baby Panda
    Baby Panda

    Dixie’s Story: Dixie was spotted out on a gravel road with her tail tucked between her legs and scared to death. She was pacing back and forth and didn’t know where to go. After trying to coerce her with leftover food from the car, she finally came to eat some. She was extremely skinny, dirty and frightened. When a car drove by she would walk along the side of it trying to look in at the driver. When she didn’t recognize the person, she would run off. We tried to approach her but she would just walk beside the car. Finally, we herded her into the backseat and she immediately curled up and within seconds was fast asleep.

    She is now in MPR's program and this sweet girl will never go through such ordeal again. In fact, Dixie came out of her shell almost instantly after her rescue. She turned out to be an outgoing and very fun-loving girl who loves people with all her little heart.

    Foster Situation : Dixie is fostered in a home with big family, 4 dogs and 4 kids. Great socialization! Dixie is good with male dogs after proper introduction. Dixie has also been exposed to horses and cats and does well around them.

    She is quite the cuddle bug and soaks up all the love she can get. She is no longer scared but is remaining very grateful for the precious chance given to her.

    Training: Dixie sleeps in her crate at night. She is learning to walk well on leash, basic commands and would love a human companion to devote their time to teach her the tricks of the trade. She has learned to respect the "no jumping" rule, and instead jumps and balances on her hind legs in the air.

    Personality: Dixie is very outgoing with lots of happy energy. She is a people pleaser! Dixie Cup doesn't seem to be carrying a past full of baggage with her as she seems to trust and crave the COMPLETE attention of the humans around her.  She loves to be held upright in your arms, just the way you would hold a human child.  She's tiny and light enough so it is actually quite easy to do!
    A note from foster mom: Dixie Cup, after being in my home for only a few days, seemed to bond with me as if she had always been a member of my family.  When she is away from me, she does this adorable talking type cry "mama mama".  Kind of like a faint howl.  Very low and sad sounding.  She does not like to be alone, she needs her human or my resident dogs to just 'be' with or near her - then she feels comfortable.  When my children go out to play, she watches them intently at the window.  She would love to be included in all their activities.  When they come back inside, it's like a huge relief to her and only then will she go and find herself a spot lay and relax.

    Best attribute: Dixie’s best attribute is her longing desire to cuddle and bond with you. She is the sweetest girl who would love to find her forever home.


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