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Adoption Fee: $135.00

Current living situation:
Fostered by Josh & Michelle

Steve and Chris McClung: God Parents.
Good Samaritain: In the name of the 'Sisters 3' Betty (Gig) Howards.
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  • All dogs are vaccinated and on heartworm prevention according to age

  • Adoption fee is minimum $125.00 to cover cost of spay/neuter and shots.

  • APPLICATION, homecheck and references are required.

  • Missouri Pit Bull Rescue is licensed with the state of Missouri


    P.O. BOX 520043
    Independence, MO 64052



    IGLOO's Song




    “May you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp, and peace in your heart” ~ Eskimo Proverb


    ID Number: (#11670)

    Breed: Pit Bull

    Sex: Male (Neutered)

    Age: 14 to 20 months

    Weight: 55 to 65 Lbs

    Color: White

    Good with dogs: Some

    Good with cats: No

    Nicknames: Gloo-Gloo


    Igloo was victim of an uncaring owner who kept him chained outside without adequate shelter, not enough food and unable to escape to find better refuge.

    Imagine what it must be like to try to keep warm when its 4 below outside and you don't have any fat on your body?

    A dedicated volunteer for SNKC Outreach Program was finally able to convince the owner to relinquish the dog to rescue and she immediately contacted us. First thing Igloo did when we picked him up was to curl up in a little ball on the passenger seat of the car and try to rest without freezing.

    We promised Igloo that he will never freeze and starve in the cold again....



    UPDATE - November 4, 2009 - I wanted to give you a little background on the pictures we sent. There is a few of him or him with us on a bed. That is his room, he is able to lay on the bed, look out the window (there is one with the window in the background and that's his view out two of those windows, one window in front of his bed the other in front of his kennel). Those windows he is able to look out: he is hilarious watching us leave and come home, his head is always in the window. I even admit to rolling my window down when I leave and wave to him. The neighborhood kids call him the "neighborhood watch dog" they see him peek out the window when they get off the bus and they absolutely love to pet him. :-)

    Us playing with him in those pics on his bed is kind of a morning ritual, assuming neither of us is working we go in there and cuddle and play (the 3 of us).

    The one of him on a little white cushion in front of a window is where he sunbathes in the summer (that one he was sleeping after our long walk.

    The one of him in the KU Jersey looking out the window (my favorite) Josh loves KU.

    One of me kissing him, I think I could kiss him every second of the day he is so cute, especially when his eyes and body get pink at night.

    We walk him 2 times a day. I have morning shift and we walk/run about 1 hour and then Josh has night shift and they walk about 30 - 45 minutes. He is a motivator for us to get up and going for sure, I absolutely love it! He is sooo good about being patient and still when I put his gentle leader on.

    We love to give him fruit and veggies as treats and he loves yogurt in his food. So he is a very healthy dog... comes along with having a mom as a dietitian I guess.

    His name: Chazz Diekmann (fits his personality to a T) I like to call him Chazz the Spaz Diekmann

    We are so happy to have him in our family. Can't imagine life without him!

    Thanks, Michelle, Josh and Chazz



    Cute Boy | Muscle Man | Beautiful Igloo

    Despite the difficult situation he grew up in, the lack of love and good care, this young boy doesn't hold a grudge at all. He is very friendly and loves life to the fullest. In fact, we can't believe what a goofball he is. This dog will crack you up! No kidding. He's a total goof. He loves to do the butt-run in the yard and watching him zoom around with the rear trying to go faster than the front is completely hilarious.

    When Igloo is not outside having a case of the zoomies, he loves to cuddle on the couch with a loved-one. He's very sweet...

    Igloo is responsive to training and a good learner but his sense of humor takes the best out of him sometimes. It's quite hard to have a serious face with that dog. What starts as a serious training session quickly turns into a circus show with Igloo being the star clown. He's not a bad dog - He just doesn't take life very seriously. Who would blame him? His amusing personality is actualy quite refreshing. Igloo is a GREAT moral booster.

    Igloo is energetic, he loves to play and be a goofball but he is also very well behaved and easy in a house. He's great in the crate and is housebroken. He does need work with the leash but does very well with a "Weiss Walky".

    Igloo and Friend | Soaking up the sun | Good sit

    Igloo was introduced to a young an playful female while being at the boarding facility and it went well. He can play rough though, so he needs to be supervised and set limits. When it comes to other males, Igloo won't back down from a challenge. No cats please!

    Igloo currently does very well with a playful female in his foster home. He and Charlie continue to get along very well and love to play and wrestle in the yard together. Charlie picks up her tennis ball, and she teases Igloo until he will chase her all around. They do a couple of laps around the yard before she poops out and lays in the grass. Igloo runs a lot faster than Charlie, but doesn't try to rub it in her face. He takes the ball from her every now and then just to show he can, but gives it right back.

    Show dog | "How you doin' "

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