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Adoption Fee: $135.00

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Lori Hanlon: God Parent
NEEDED: Good Samaritan

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  • All dogs are vaccinated and on heartworm prevention according to age

  • Adoption fee is minimum $125.00 to cover cost of spay/neuter and shots.

  • APPLICATION, homecheck and references are required.

  • Missouri Pit Bull Rescue is licensed with the state of Missouri


    P.O. BOX 520043
    Independence, MO 64052






    JOBU (Jo Boo)
    Is very bad to steal Jobu's rum. Is very bad....


    ID Number: #18132

    Breed: Pit Bull

    Sex: Male (Neutered)

    Age: 12 to 24 months

    Weight: ~ 39 lbs.

    Color: Cream and White

    Good with dogs: Some

    Good with cats: N/A

    Nicknames: Boo



    Jobu was saved from living life on the streets as a stray when he was found by a Good Samaritan. He was found wearing a collar but had no tags and no microchip. His owners, if he had any, have not come forward despite the good Samaritan having posted flyers, online found ads and contacting every veterinarian clinic in the area he was found wandering around in. There has been no response from possible owners or anyone who might know anything about Jobu.

    Pretty Boy

    Happy Goof! | So Happy!

    Foster Situation: Jobu is in a temporary home with other dogs, but has not yet had the opportunity to play with them freely. He has been introduced to one of the dogs, with both of them on a short leash. He was not aggressive but a little pushy and too eager too play for the other dog's comfort. We think he would do well with a compatible friendly female.

    He was introduced to a kitten at the clinic I work at but was not allowed to play with her. He stood and wagged his tail upon meeting her.

    He has been around several human friends (male and female), family members, including my 1 1/2 year old and 3 1/2 year old nieces. He is always happy to see everyone. He is such a social butterfly.! He loves to share his toys with anyone who will play but when you are done playing, he is happy to play alone. He keeps himself entertained for a LONG time. It is pretty impressive. When he is done playing he is happy to just lay at your feet.

    Jobu is an angel in the car; happy to just sit and look out the window. He currently sleeps in a doggy play-pen at night. He has gotten along with every human he has met, both big and little. He definitely prefers being an indoor dog.

    Waiting for you! | "How you doin?!"

    Training: We are currently beginning work with a trainer on leash walking since he tends to pull on the leash. He knows sit, stay, selectively chooses to lie down. I think he knows shake as well. It is hard to tell; he likes giving you his paw even if you do not ask him.

    He is crate trained and housebroken. He is very eager to please. It doesn't matter what he is doing in the house, playing, eating, sleeping, the second you say his name he is at your feet.

    Cute Jobu | What a smile!

    Personality: Jobu is very outgoing and very silly. If you sit on the floor with him the top of his body hits the floor and he keeps his butt up in the air for you to scratch. It is hilarious! He is well-behaved for the most part. His only bad habits I have witnessed are he likes to jump when he is excited. He rarely jumps on you but he jumps right in front of you. He is also a bit mouthy but we're working on it. When playing he likes to get your arm in his mouth but he is very gentle and does not bite down. He loves play but also likes to chill out and cuddle. I do not know if he is prey driven. He does like to bark at things at a distance but does not do it in close proximity.

    Best Attribute: I would say one of his best traits is that you can tell that whatever owner Jobu may have, that owner will be his everything. He has already put me on a pedestal and is just happy to be by my side. He is sooo happy to be around people but he is not needy. He is just happy to be in the presence of a human. And he tells you with his body language. It is fantastic. He is an all around happy dog. Aside from this, he is very cute, very sweet and gentle.

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