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 LENNOX  Of Scotch Gaelic Origin meaning ... a Scottish Nobleman. Also has a Celtic meaning ... from the field of elm trees.


PBRC ID Number: (#6965)

Breed: Pit Bull

Sex: Male (Neutered)

Age: 15 weeks old

Weight: 6-7 lbs.

Color: Brindle with White

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: NA

Nicknames: Lenny

MPR was made aware of a difficult situation in Peculiar. A mom and her 7 puppies needed a new home. The result of an "accidental pregnancy".

This precious little guy was born on November 02 and named Lennox.



Story: MPR was made aware of a difficult situation in Peculiar. A mom and her 7 puppies needed a new home. The result of an "accidental pregnancy".

How Can YOU Resist That Sweet Face? | Too Cute

Foster Situation: Lennox is definitely top dog in the house. Well, so he thinks. Lennox is in a home with a Mom, Dad, and 4 children and 5 Pit Bulls, oh gosh is that a mouth full. He plays hard with the other foster pups but rests gently in your arms when snuggled. He seems to respond attentively to an older dog's guidance, so I believe he would fit nicely in a home with an adult female.

Lennox and friends | Adorable little guy | Good night now

Training: We work with Lennox at basic obedience and he is learning quickly. He is crated at night, when the family is not home and when I am not able to supervise him. Lennox gives very obvious cues to his need to go out, he is doing fabulous with his potty training.

Lennox is quite responsive to what you ask of him but on the same note he is quick to challenge your authority so it is important for his adoptive owners to not allow him to place himself above them. When we assert our authority at him he is like puddy in our hands but to people who are passive he knows immediately he is top dog~I guarantee he is learning his place in this house.

Our mature Pit Bulls in our home are a big help to us with this matter so I believe he would do well in a home with an adult female dog in the house.

Personality: Lenny is the perfect puppy mix of cuddly and playful.

Best Attribute: Will play hard and love even harder.

Will you love me?


UPDATE: January 30, 2009:

Hello, Lennox is doing great! He weighs about 42 pounds now and is a very active little guy. We got a new kitten a few weeks ago and they are bffs. It is so cute. I always catch them cuddling and taking naps together.

He gets along great with all the other dogs he meets, even if they don't like him! He loves to play and tries to play with anything and everyone.

He is just my baby!







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