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Madison as a girls name was introduced in the Tom Hanks movie "Splash" (1984). In the film, Daryl Hannah's character takes her name from Madison Avenue after walking past a road sign.


PBRC ID Number: #12901

Breed: AmStaff

Sex: Female (Spayed)

Age: 12 to 24 months old

Weight: 55 to 65 Lbs

Color: White and blue

Good with dogs: N/A

Good with cats: N/A

Nicknames: Maddy, Goofy, Goofy Girl


Rescued from deathrow on her last day thanks to a recent MPR adoption.

We have no idea why Madison's previous owner didn't come for her, but she is now in our program and eager to find a new home.

We just can't get over how pretty she is, though she needs to loose a little weight.

Foster Situation: Madison is in a house with two other pit bulls, a child, and two adults. She has shown no signs of dog aggression so far. Actually, she can't wait to play with our dogs, and she kisses them through the crate bars. She even pushed her treat out to one of our other dogs the other day to be friends.

She is great with our child as well, but can play a little rough. She needs training and while she is good with older kids, she might not be the best choice in a home with toddlers due to her energetic personality. She definitely needs someone with a lot of patience and leadership.

Pretty in blue | Stocky girl | Sweet Face

We do not have cats, although we have encountered two cats one night on a walk, and Madison never paid them any attention. She does like to chase birds, but more in a playful way, not a hunting way.

Training: Madison is working on learning her name, potty training, and how to sit on command. Her potty training is coming along well, although she does have some moments where she forgets or gets a little defiant. She does need quite a bit of training still.

Maddy does wonderful on a leash, never pulls or give any trouble.

Personality: Madison is very energetic. She is such a love and just wants to play all the time. We are trying to teach her how to not play so rough. She loves to run outside, or inside, so long as she is running, she is happy. She also likes to jump on the furniture, or whoever is sitting on the furniture, and play around.

She cries when in here crate sometimes, but only because she is lonely and wants to play some more. She constantly smiles, and is such a happy girl. It really doesn't take much to please her. She is protective, and does bark quite a bit if she sees someone outside. ALso, she is a bit reserved with new people, but she warms up to them quickly. Her personality is more Amstaff like than Pit Bull like.

(Note from MPR: American Staffordshire Terriers (AmStaffs) were bred to be family companions and guardians - They are a little more reserved with strangers - American Pit Bull Terriers (APBTs) were bred to be friendly with humans under any circumstances. They think everyone is a long lost friend)

Cute Madison | Beautiful Girl

Best Attribute: Madison is incredibly goofy! She is constantly doing something to make us laugh. Whether its running around like crazy, or rolling around on the ground, or trying to get the other dogs to play. She is also absolutely beautiful! One of the prettiest pits that we have fostered. She is very good at using body language to tell you what she wants. She'll tell you, or the other dogs to follow her by motioning with her head the way she wants to go, and jumping up and down and back and forth. She's a riot!

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