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  • All dogs are vaccinated and on heartworm prevention according to age

    Adoption fee is minimum $125.00 to cover cost of spay/neuter and shots.

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    P.O. BOX 520043
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    “Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear...”

    Number: #13820

    Breed: Pit Bull

    Sex: Female (spayed)

    Age: 1 year old

    Weight: 40 to 45 Lbs

    Color: White with black freckles

    Good with dogs: N/A

    Good with cats: N/A


    Promise left behind quite an ordeal. We are little puzzled by who she is exactly but very glad she is off the streets. Over a year ago, a white female Pit bull started being spotted on the hill next to 1-70 by Van Brunt Ave. She appeared pregnant at the time. Several people tried to catch the dog to no avail. Every few months or so, she was spotted again and people tried to catch her.

    So Sweet

    An MPR Volunteer followed her to an abandoned house one time but the dog disappeared on her. Another MPR Volunteer went to the abandoned house a few times last winter and left food for her. Folks from TARA and other local rescuers were also feeding her and hoped to catch her.

    On The Road to Recovery | Precious

    Sadly, a few weeks ago someone found the remains of a dog in her area and everyone figured it was her. But then a white pit bull matching her description was spotted again at the same place. She was finally rescued from her ordeal. We don't think it's the same dog but we believe she could very well be one of her puppies. The dog is about one year old. The other dog was seen pregnant about 1.5 years ago. So it adds up. This one looks like the other one but smaller. She hung out at the same place up on the hill and hid in the same abandoned house.

    Sitting | Sad Eyes | Finally Safe & Resting | These eyes have seen a lot!

    We named her "Promise". We're going to do all we can to hold on to our promise to give her a better life. Promise was in bad shape when she arrived to MPR last spring, as shown in those pictures but she has been rehabilitated in a caring foster home. Thanks to a generous donation, we treated the heartworm disease she suffered from and she is now as healthy as a well cared happy dog can be.

    We will post pictures of this Cinderella as soon as we have a chance. Please remember that the pictures currently in her page were taken the day she arrived in the program.

    Foster Situation: Promise is being fostered in a home with two other female pit bull mixes and a male foster. There are no children in the home. While in boarding she did interact with other dogs and she did really well with them. Promise has not been introduced to any of the dogs in her foster home yet in order to lessen any stress on her as she recovers from her ordeal, undergoes heartworm treatment and blossoms into the dog she's meant to be.

    Training: It is slow going due to her illness but she is working on her basic commands. For the most part, Promise is housetrained. She seems to be so grateful to be inside that she let's us know she prefers not going outside to do her business when it's raining.

    Personality: She is very laid back, likes to cuddle, and is well behaved. We're hoping as she heals she'll blossom into the happy and confident girl she was born to be..

    Best Attribute: Promise is such a sweetheart! She will walk up to you and just kind of lean on your leg for some love. And of course, like all pits, she has that super sweet face and to top it off, really cute white eyelashes.

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