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Want to save an URGENT dog?
Adopt a MPR dog and you will be doing just that!

Unfortunately there is never a shortage of Pit Bulls on deathrow in Kansas City shelters or stray and needy Pit Bulls who will end up on deathrow themselves if we don't act - Dogs who were abused, starved, neglected, fought, abandoned, surrendered, stray, victim of BSL, or just unwanted - Some were family pets, some were yard dogs, even puppies can be found on deathrow or on the streets on a regular basis. All those dogs are very deserving of a chance at happiness. After all, they ended up on the streets or on deathrow by no fault of their own, but simply for being a certain breed or looking like one. Sadly, the great majority of them won't make it out of the shelter or off the streets alive.

Most shelters in the metropolitan area do NOT adopt out Pit Bulls to the public because they lack the resources to screen potential adopters properly, and provide essential breed education. Since putting a dog back into a neglectful or abusive home is not an option, euthanasia remains the only alternative for the astounding numbers of homeless Pit Bulls in Kansas City. Their only hope is to be bailed out by specialized and licensed rescue groups which are too few and far between.

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue pulls adoptable dogs from local shelters as well as strays and Pit Bulls in need that have no where to go. Some of the dogs listed for adoption on this site were once on deathrow themselves. They had no option other than euthanasia before MPR stepped in. Once with us, the dogs are thoroughly evaluated and receive necessary health care as needed. They are then placed in foster care so we can test their behavior and reactions in pet situations.

In order for MPR to continue pulling dogs out of the shelter or off the streets, we must continue to adopt out dogs that are already in our program. Their life may no longer be in danger when they are with us, but placing them WILL be saving the life of a dog that has nowhere to go.

Remember, every single dog we adopt out makes room for an URGENT dog whether it be one pulled from the shelter or one from the streets.

We rescue pit bulls that need help, provided we have space, regardless of where they come from. Strays and deathrow dogs are our waiting list ...


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