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Adoption Fee: $135.00

Current living situation:
Fostered by Tarah Stewart

Gail Reed: God Parent
Good Samaritan: Ann Wilson
NEEDED: Helping Hand

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P.O. BOX 520043
Independence, MO 64052


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“It's easy to fool the eye but it's hard to fool the heart.” Al Pacino


ID Number: (#13559)

Breed: Pit Bull

Sex: Male (Neutered)

Age: 12 to 36 months

Weight: 60 to 70

Color: White and Tan

Good with dogs: N/A

Good with cats: N/A



There are so many dogs at the shelter, its very hard to chose one to save when MPR has an opening in the program. Among all the Pit Bulls hoping for a chance when we were able to rescue one, Patchino won our heart.

It is Patchino's super friendly disposition and very charming personality that gave him the chance to leave the shelter alive. He is one lucky dog. After spending a few minutes with him, it will become obvious to everyone why we picked him. This good looking boy is quite the charmer.

Precious Boy | What's up?!

UPDATE January 5, 2010

Hi, the holidays for us were good, as I hope yours was as well. Patchino, well he is doing great; he is a very good dog, learns fast and I couldn't have asked for a better companion. We had a couple issues with some mini blinds last month, but hey when he wants to look outside not much is going to stop him I guess. We go for walks, running, and he does well in the car. I've quickly learned that stuffed toys do not last long around him, but he enjoys his Kong. He has done well around kids and adults alike, even my mother who was convinced that all pit bulls are evil now adores him. He has even made friends with another pit bull and an English bull dog.

Best regards, Craig Montgomery

Handsome Boy! | Frogging | Big Smile! | Chilling.... | So good looking

Patchino is a real sweetheart, indeed. A little on the submissive side, or maybe I should say "very eager to please", he is responsive and very loving with people. However, although we did not introduce him to other pets yet, he appears to be dominant with male dogs. We think he'd make a fantastic companion in a home as the only pet. Perhaps he could live with a friendly female, if his owners are breed savvy.

The best quality about Patchino, besides his good looks of course, is how very charming he is. We give this dog less than a minute to win your heart. It's just impossible to resist him once you spend time with him.. And those eyes.... He sure knows how to use them to melt your heart.

Happy Face | Muscle man | Funny Face | How you doin? | Big Head

Roll, baby roll... | And roll... | And roll some more | And rock n roll | and rock around the clock | Ok, enough!

He is very loving and loves to lean on people for love, then roll on his back for a belly rub... So sweet!

Kisses anyone? | Cute Face | So lovable

Patchino has a cute grin too and he is always smiling. We think this dog would make an awesome family companion. Please give Patchino a chance to prove you what a sweetheart he is and how much potential he has as family companion. This dog has so much to offer.

.... and roll....

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