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Not Enough GOOD Homes For Pit Bulls

Considering the current situation, MPR does NOT support show breeding, backyard breeding, "game breeding", or ANY form of Pit Bull breeding. Pit Bulls are overflowing and being destroyed in area shelters - There is NO excuse to add more to an already over-saturated market.

*** LOW COST***




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Welcome to MPR. Our Mission is to promote responsible Pit Bull ownership, provide breed education, combat pet overpopulation, fight unfair legislation's, and find qualified homes for sound Pit Bull dogs in Missouri.


"We Are So Sorry That We Scare You...."




MPR is currently looking for "volunteer" help to maintain and design our PetFinder listing. We need someone familiar with HTML, Dreamweaver program and photo editing. Experience with Flash and graphic design is a plus. We accept long-distance volunteers for this home-based position.

Your pay check is a dog smile... If interested, please send email to mpr@pitbullinfo.net



 PUPPIES, PUPPIES, PUPPIES....   It's raining Puppies

MPR has been made aware of several difficult situations. We are doing everything we can to help, but will only succeed if we have support and assistance from people who share our desire to make a difference in the life of those dogs...

Peculiar Gang

A mom & her 7 puppies in Peculiar need help. Please visit their page for more info

Sedelia Gang

Abandoned out in the cold without food and shelter. Please read A Thanksgiving Story.

Coming Soon

4 blue puppies confiscated from breeder. Info coming soon.



  NEW BEGINNINGS Nov 2007   Meet the new lucky dogs

New to our program

We have no clue how this poor injured dog managed to escape hell, but he did. And his guardian angel lead them straight to the house of a "rescuer" who immediately contacted MPR.

The dog was in pretty bad shape when we met him but his spirit was untouched. Despite his ordeal, the scars, the wounds, malnutrition, and the list goes on, there was something very special in his eyes that could not be ignored. The dog simply beamed with love for people.... Hence how he got the name "Sir Lov-A-Lot".

Sir is a true representative of the amazing spirit of forgiveness this breed posses. Yet, we know that finding a home for a dog covered in scars will be a great challenge but we are confident his amazing disposition and unbreakable charm will make up it.

New to our program

Poetic Justice accompanied Sir Lov-A-Lot above and tagged along to the rescuer's home. Unlike Sir, however, the poor boy was terrified of everything when he entered our program.

Justice is indeed a special-need dog who will require a very patient and understanding foster home that will help him come out of his shell. Very sweet dog who had a terrible life.

Please don't let the wounds and scars discourage you from helping this dog. Poetic Justice has such a beautiful heart.

New to our program

Despite being what we believe to be a Bull Mastiff mix, Boris had been unfairly deemed a "Pit Bull" by a local shelter and was therefore on the list for euthanasia when we spotted him. In fact, he was literally walking towards to "E" room when our volunteer stopped the city employee. That's what we call "saved by the bell".

Boris has been evaluated by the City of Overland Park and accepted as a "non-PitBull" dog. We believe he would be able to live in many cities with BSL provided he is approved by Animal Control prior to adoption.

If you are looking for a "Pit Bull" looking dog, that is just as sweet but is not classified as a Pit Bull, Boris might just be your man...

New to our program

Meet Happy Sahara. Found abandoned in the yard of a rental property in KCMO. Sahara was already spayed, so looks like someone cared at some point, but not enough to take her with them when they moved. Luckily, the rental home was owned by very Pit Bull friendly landlords. Not only did they help Sahara while the house was vacant, but the new tenant happens to be a MPR volunteer... Is this faith or what?

So this very lucky girl is now fostered in the house she was abandoned to. She lives with two other dogs, a cat and a 9 year old boy.




MPR holds Adoption Events on a regular basis to allow the public to meet our dogs, talk to our volunteers about Pit Bull ownership, ask any question and spend individual time with a dog they might be interested to adopt.


Saturday December 1st
Petco North Kansas City
2600 Burlington, NKC

Please email us if you want to know which dog will be attending this event.



  FOSTER HOMES NEEDED Nov 2007   Desperately needed....

MPR has 4 dogs in boarding. Those are dogs that came into our program unexpectedly. Dogs we could not say no too and leave in the street to die a horrible death.

Everyday we get pleas to help Pit Bulls in need and we must explain that we are too full. There are cases however, where this very real excuse just doesn't work. Below are dogs that were abandoned in the street, some with severe injuries, and MPR decided to step up despite our lack of availability in the program. The dogs are now in boarding for $280.00 a month EACH.

Do the math! Imagine the amount of Pit Bulls we would be able to help, get spayed and neutered, rehabilitate, etc, if we didn't have to spend so much money in boarding. Yet, how could we say no?

Our funds are running low and those dogs will have absolutely no where to go if we run out of money.

Foster homes needed
They might not be cute little puppies, but God only knows how much they deserve a chance nonetheless. Please open your heart to a Pit Bull need - Become a "Foster Parent"

I need a foster home
Poetic Justice
I need a foster home
I need a foster home
I need a foster home
Sir Lov-A-Lot



  MPR BLOG November 2007  

Missouri Pitbull Rescue Has So Much to be Thankful for This Year ...

This November Missouri Pitbull Rescue would like to focus on two things. One: all of the wonderful Pit Bulls and their owners out there who are making a difference in people's lives and restoring the breed's reputation. And two: the wonderful and caring people that sponsor our dogs without which we would not have been able to help nearly as many pit bulls as we have to date

First off, it seems like any news that you hear about pit bulls in the media for the past several years is more than likely casting the breed in an unfavorable light. The hysteria that surrounds this breed is at an all time high and makes for great ratings for news stations around the country when they air negative (and many times "doctored") stories about pit bulls.

But what about the stories that you aren't hearing on the news? The stories that show the true character, devotion and loyalty of this lovable breed? The stories about pit bulls as service dogs, search and rescue teams, drug sniffing assistants to the Drug Enforcement Agency, and the thousands of pit bulls that never do anything "exceptional" but do happen to test higher on the American Temperament Test than Golden Retrievers and Border Collies?

Popsicle, U.S. Customs' most decorated drug detection dog

Sorry folks, those stories don't generate enough hype to make the ten o'clock news.

These stories that you don't hear however do mean a lot to Missouri Pit bull Rescue. This November while thinking about what we have to be thankful for, MPR would like to thank all the wonderful Pit Bulls out there making a difference and being ambassadors for the breed.

From Popsicle, US Customs' most decorated drug detecting dog, to Cheyenne, Dakota and Tahoe, the three search and rescue Pit Bulls who helped the search efforts of the astronauts during the 2000 space shuttle disaster. Pit bulls have proven time and time again their capacity to make wonderful civil servants, therapy dogs and companions for the disabled.

Rescue Pit Bulls
Search and Rescue Pit Bulls
MPR would also like to acknowledge all the other pit bulls out there who have never made the news. The pit bulls that have never done anything more than provide a wonderful companion for a lucky family or greeted their owner excitedly at the door with a wiggly butt and tons of bully kisses.
Party  Pit Bulls
Birthday Bullies

To every pit bull out there that disproves their stereotype every day by doing nothing but being a huge dork and bringing a smile to someone's face, MPR is thankful for you.

For every great owner who raises a well-adjusted happy bully, loves them and cares for them unconditionally, and spays or neuters them to ensure a long, healthy life, MPR is thankful for you as well.

For every one responsible pit bull owner out there, we are one step closer to restoring our beloved breed to what they once were.

Lastly, and most importantly, MPR would like to thank all of its sponsors. We are forever grateful for any tiny bit of assistance and support we receive. These wonderful group of people help provide MPR dogs with food, shelter, medical care as well as fun stuff like toys, treats and bones!

Sargent Stubby
Sgt. Stubby
MPR would not be anywhere near as successful as we are without the constant support of our dedicated sponsors. The difference they have made in the lives of the dogs we have saved as well as in our lives is infinite and could never be measured on any scale. From the bottom of our hearts, everyone involved with Missouri Pitbull Rescue would like to thank MPR's current sponsors: Chris Letourneau, Elan Wright, Misty Freeman, Tammy & Rob, Thad Adkins, Jeff & Marisol, James & Christina McClung, Barbara Parish, Gary & Genene Hamilton, Suzanne Adam, Wayne & Betty Howard, Nate Dyer, Leanne Frank, M. Ambrose, Clayton Kuhn, Sharon Medearis, Jody & Vic, Diane Dazio, Nicole Gagne, Roma-Dakini Belladonna, LuAnn Touchman, Susan Johnson, Suzanne Fritsch, Charlyne Hecker, Carrie Wilkerson and Ruth Ramondino. Also, last but not least, thank you to ALL of our past and future sponsors.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Gloria Harris
MPR Volunteer



  NEWS November 2007  

Dogfighters worsen plight of pit bullsLedy Vankavage, like other passionate pit bull enthusiasts, said most pits are "extremely human friendly," little "wiggle butts" that don't deserve the bad rap they've been given.

Pit bull puppies stolen from humane societyPit bull puppy Champ looks pretty tired, but at least he's safe and sound. The 12-week-old pit bull puppy was one of four stolen from the Columbia Greene Humane Society Thursday night.

Cookeville woman founds 'National Pit Bull Awareness Day'The event was founded by Cookeville resident Jodi Preis and observed in more than 100 cities across the country Sat. Oct. 20th. The awareness campaign was designed to counter what some pit bull owners say is "constant negative publicity" generated by irresponsible owners.

PROSECUTING RECKLESS OWNERS AND MUZZLING DANGEROUS DOGS - December 1, 2007 New York University, New York City - This one-day conference session will examine the constitutionality of canine profiling, effective dangerous-dog/reckless-owner ordinances and suggested ordinances will be discussed. Insurance issues regarding breeds will also be discussed as will implications of canine profiling and the human-animal bond. Recommended highly for anyone who deals with breed prejudice. Please feel free to pass along to those who may be interested.


11/05/2007 - Wichita, KS - Proposed law targets beasts before they bite - The city of Wichita usually deems a loose animal "dangerous" when it bites someone. But that would change under an animal ordinance the Wichita City Council will consider at its meeting Tuesday. "Our current ordinance is only reactive, not proactive," said Kay Johnson, the city's director of Environmental Services, which oversees animal control. "We want to take a proactive approach," she said.

11/02/2007 - Irving, Texas - Irving council OKs ban on unattended, tethered dogs - The Irving City Council unanimously approved an ordinance Thursday night that bans tethering unattended dogs any time, any place. The new city law is believed to be the first of its kind in North Texas.

11/01/2007 - Salem, Arkansas in Fulton County - Dog ordinance discussed - An old issue was brought to the forefront of discussion at the regular meeting of the Salem City Council Oct. 25 - dogs. They discussed the possibility of outlawing certain breeds of dogs such as pit bulls to be kept within city limits. Salem first addressed the issue when an animal ordinance was passed in July 2006. The original ordinance did not specify one type of pet; it was established to encompass all animals such as cats and dogs that might be found roaming as strays.



  CENTERFOLD November 2007
  Blissfully Happy Bacon


What is there NOT to love about this smiling, happy boy? Bacon absolutely LOVES people! He loves to constantly be around people and loves to please them.

Bacon just naturally has a happy disposition and you will get sucked into his positive aura the minute you meet him.

Bacon could be APBT/AB mix. We have been told that he is 12 months old and we know that he gets along well with other dogs, is wonderful with kids, including babies and he is very responsive to his training. He can sit, stay and lay down. He is crate trained and housebroken. Bacon loves car rides and long walks.

Won't you please give this happy fellow a home to call his own this Thanksgiving?



FEATURED VOLUNTEER November 2007   Veronique Chesser

All MPR Volunteers wish to take this month of Thanksgiving to feature our most treasured Volunteer... our President Veronique.

MPR is a reality because of the vision V, with the loving support of her husband Rob, has for such a misaligned breed. She has devoted countless hours developing her vision and made numerous personal sacrifices in order to develop MPR into the respected rescue that it is today.

V's many activities include, but are not limited to, training volunteers, web design, evaluating dogs, handling adoptions, breed education and so, so much more.

She has been the driving force behind assisting many dogs in finding loving families and permanent homes. Check out MPR's "Happy Ending" pages for a small peek into what one woman's actions through vision for a breed that she so loves has accomplished.

In addition to her local efforts in assisting the pit bull breed and on a much greater scale, is the founder of PBRC (a virtual shelter and educational resource for owners and caretakers of American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and pit bull mixes), Pitbull-L (email list forum) and Pit Bulls On The Web (web site for positive representation of pit bulls); as well as educating through the documentary video, "Off The Chain", which is about the atrocities of dog fighting in which V speaks as a breed advocate in an effort to shed light on this abhorrent activity and call for a permanent end to dog fighting.

Featured Volunteer

All MPR Volunteers would like to take this time to say, "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts" to her, for without her love and devotion for the dog's that we love and care so much for, we would not have the opportunity to share in such a rich and rewarding experience being volunteers.

~ MPR Volunteers



  PRODUCTS November 2007   Shop with MPR and help Dogs in need

Paw Prints Mousepad

Happiness License Plate Frame



  HAPPY ENDINGS  October 2007  

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!