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March 2009

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MPR sees beauty in every dogs....

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Considering the current situation, MPR does NOT support show breeding, backyard breeding, "game breeding", or ANY form of Pit Bull breeding. Pit Bulls are overflowing and being destroyed in area shelters - There is NO excuse to add more to an already over-saturated market.
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Welcome to MPR. Our Mission is to promote responsible Pit Bull ownership, provide breed education, combat pet overpopulation, fight unfair legislation's, and find qualified homes for sound Pit Bull dogs in Missouri.


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 NEW TO MPR March 2009

New to MPR


New to MPR


New to MPR

Moto - 4 to 5 months old pup. Very well socialized in doggy-daycare with other dogs.


Cirrus - Big blue and white boy, very strong, big bones, big head, big tongue!

Clover; Very sweet female who escaped hell but still believes that heaven exists...
New to MPR


New to MPR


New to MPR
Finn McCool - ADOPTED - Too cute for words! This puppy was saved from deathrow
Calypso; Friendly Bulldog / Pit Bull mix. Very good looking girl. White with blue patch on eye.
Gumbo; Adorable Pit Bull / Dogue De Bordeaux mix. To meet him is to love him!



URGENT March 2009

I Need A Foster Home Please

Igloo needs a home or foster home AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! Igloo hurt his nose while being in boarding and kept reinjuring it on the kennels. He had to be moved to a temporary foster home while his nose heals up. He looooooves being in a home and has done wonderfully. His temporary foster mom claims that he is no trouble at all and has been a pleasure to have as a guest. It will break Igloo's heart if he has to go back in a cage. He can't stay in the foster home much longer though as they are over pet limit.

Please help Igloo so he doesn't have to go back in boarding. His nose is almost completely healed up now.




Winter 2009 fund raiser for medical cases

MPR has been bombarded with medical cases this winter. *5* heartworm positive dogs in less than 2 months.... 3 cases of mange, several cases of neglect, 3 dogs with leg injuries... One sweet little angel who's ears were cut off with scissors.

Many dogs rescued from difficult living conditions, freezing outside, malnourished.. All in dire need of veterinary care, vitamins and supplements. We could not turn our back.....

We need help.... MPR is a 501C3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.




P.O. BOX 520043, Independence, MO 64052

A huge thank you to everyone helping with our medical fund raiser: Rachel Reid, Jessica & Andrew, Jacy James, Amy Moore, Cynthia E Wyatt, Jamie Brown, Jozette Bowman, Edward & Susan Neal, Amy Edwards, Kimberly Summers, Jackie Keber , Kirsten Marek, Ann M. Lindley, Andrew S Thomas, Angela Graff, karen lopez (Birthday present for friend Amy Suhr), Anastasia Spartan, Ruthe Magaziner, Cheryl Andes, Kym Garrett, Howard Stevenson, Matt Gerlash, Susan Johnson, Sarah Kinder, Joanna Keele, Aimee Francis,  Heather McKinney, Redd the red-nosed Pit, Nancy Borneman....




FREE Pitbull kisses on location!!!!
Multi Rescue
Groups Event
A Dog's Fun Playce
7833 Wornall Rd, KCMO

No adoption on the spot unless application has been approved prior to event - Please contact us if you want to know which dog will be attending the event.

This event will be held INSIDE in case of rain. So please come meet the dogs no matter the weather


Pet Expo

Saturday 10am to 7pm * Sunday 10am to 5pm
The American Royal Center * 1701 American Royal Court * Kansas City, MO 64102

Join us and meet our adoptable dogs for a weekend that's ALL ABOUT ANIMALS at the Kansas City Pet Expo. Visit the many, many pet adoption booths; see dock diving, agility and fly ball demonstrations; and a dog fashion show. Check out all the cool stuff for you and your pet from lots of great vendors, and more. Click on the link for driving directions and parking information.





MPR would like to extend a big THANK YOU to the event planners, hosts, participants and donators of our "Hang Out With MPR" event. It was a HUGE success thanks to all who attended, participated and donated! We couldn't save Pit Bull lives without the generosity and support that each of you have shown ... so, THANK YOU one and all!!! See the event photos here.


clubheart FUND RAISER spadediamondclubheart TO HELP PIT BULLS spadediamond

Sunday May 3rd
Tournament Starts at 2:00 pm

Harvey Wallbanger's
301 SE Douglas
Lee's Summit, MO, 64086

Click Here For More Information


We are looking for SPONSORS!!!!!

Minimum donation of $30.00 gets you a stack of chips and one optional re-buy within the first 45 minutes.

If you have any items you'd like to donate for prizes at the tournament, please CONTACT US ASAP. In exchange, MPR will feature your name or business in the web site for free advertisement.




Each dog in boarding costs about $220.00 a month

Boarding is a life-saving option for the few lucky dogs we can afford to help that way, but we cant do it unless we receive financial assistance from people like you.

We have several programs available. Every penny counts! Become a Helping Hand

I Need A Foster Home Please
I Need A Foster Home Please
I Need A Foster Home Please
I Need A Foster Home Please
I Need A Foster Home Please
I Need A Foster Home Please

As it is, we can't afford helping anymore dogs until our boarding dogs are in foster care. In the meantime, our boarding dogs are in desperate need of foster care. Not only is boarding very expensive, but living in a cage is hard for any dog as sociable as a Pit Bull.

Boarding is a life-saving opportunity for dogs that have no other options. For dogs that came from a difficult situation, boarding is often a step up in life. But boarding needs to be a temporary solution. In order to find a home, our rescue dogs need to learn how to be well-behaved family companions. You can make a difference... PLEASE open your heart and home for one of the sweethearts. They desperately need YOU! Become a Foster Home



 BLOG March 2009   Dogs and Kids: That Special Bond

I have eaten Milk Bones. Most of my best childhood memories involved my dog, Nipper. There were long walks, shared treats, slobbery tennis balls, and when I "ran away from home, "Nipper was pulling my little red wagon. My experiences with her taught me about empathy, loyalty, and responsibility. It is hard to imagine what my life would have been like without our family dog.

Today I heard about a mother-to-be who was contemplating getting rid of her dog. Like any responsible parent, the well being of her child was her primary concern. That dog had good temperament and was healthy; with a little preparation and information she could safely keep the dog.

The approach is simple:

Supervision. Small children and dogs of any breed should never be left together unattended. Even pit bulls, once called "nanny dogs," must be supervised around wee ones no matter how well they get along.

Training the Dog. It is important to deal with any behavior issues before the baby arrives. Basic obedience training will cover "sit," and "stay," along with polite greetings and loose-leash walking. There are special dog training classes available for parents-to-be, as well. The better prepared, mannered and confident a dog is the better he will likely react to a baby.

Careful Introduction. There are thousands of articles available on the internet about how to introduce a dog to the new baby. One useful reference sheet comes from Petco. http://www.petco.com/caresheets/dog/Dog_New_Baby.pdf Among the ideas are having someone else hold the baby when the mother comes home, since the dog will be excited to see her after an absence. Another is to bring the dog a new toy or treats so he will associate the baby's arrival with happy thoughts. A guide from the Animal Health Channel, http://www.animalhealthchannel.com/newbaby/index.shtml suggests not holding the baby in front of the dog, as this may encourage him to jump up. Avoid scolding the dog if possible, use positive reinforcement for gentle behaviors, and remember to make time for some special attention. (Walks are as good for new mommies as they are for dogs.)

Boundaries. Dogs need space to get away from the screeching little creature. Toddlers need space to crawl around without getting stepped on or knocked over. Even if your home has no stairs, have baby gates on hand.

Training the Kids. Did you know that staring, in "dog language" can be a threat or challenge? Children, especially small and curious ones, tend to watch dogs closely. They need to be taught not to do that as it may trigger the dog. They also need to learn to walk calmly, pet gently, speak quietly, and to not pull a dog's ears or tail. No matter how well tempered the family dog is, the kids in the house must never bother him while he is eating or sleeping.

Kids and dogs connect early, via the High Chair Bond. A smart dog will hang out near a baby's high chair. At first, a baby will accidentally drop finger-foods from the high chair. The dog gobbles it up and waits for the next bites to fall. It does not take long before a baby learns that sharing with the dog is fun, and the dog learns how to get hooked up with some people-food. A tail wiggles and a baby giggles. Buddies.

Nipper was older than I was, and passed away when I was only 84 dog-years old. Though I cried and wished she could have lived forever, I am thankful for the time we did have. I am grateful that my parents did not send her away to make room for me.

~Laura Tumak Hickey



  NEWS March 2009  

Vick to finish his sentence at home, with restrictions - RICHMOND, Va. -- Former NFL star Michael Vick will be allowed to finish his sentence under home confinement because there is no room at a halfway house for him, a government source told The Associated Press yesterday. Vick is serving a 23-month sentence at the federal penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kan., after pleading guilty to bankrolling a dog-fighting operation at a home he owned in eastern Virginia. He also admitted to participating in the killing of several underperforming dogs.

Vick may finish sentence in home confinement - Suspended NFL quarterback Michael Vick may be released from federal prison in Kansas this spring to serve the final two months of his 23-month dogfighting sentence at his home in Hampton. The Associated Press quoted an unidentified federal official yesterday as saying that the U.S. Bureau of Prisons had cleared Vick for home confinement as early as May 21 with electronic monitoring and close supervision by a parole officer. He is scheduled to be released from federal custody July 20.

Hero dog saves 11 from burning building - (Kenneth Craig, NECN: Southbridge, MA) - A dog is being credited with helping to save eleven people in Southbridge from a fire in a multi-family home. Firefighters say the dog woke up the people living there. Sadly the heroic dog didn't make it out alive. The fire broke out early Wednesday morning. An eleven month old Pitbull named Chaos helped save 11 people from the the building. Fire crews from five different towns battled the blaze for 90 minutes before they put it out. Family and friends are hailing Chaos the dog as a hero.

Victoria Stilwell - Child and Dog Safety Guide - No matter how small the dog or young the child, it's never too early to teach children how to interact safely with dogs. 15 Do's and Don'ts for Children and Dogs - An excellent tip sheet written by Victoria Stilwell.
How to let kids pet your dog - As we all know there can be some danger in having a child approach a strange dog and pet it. The Victor Valley Daily Press has a good story on ways to teach kids to pet appropriately as well as warning signs to be wary of.
150 Pit Bulls Euthanized, New Policy Follows - NEW YORK - After supporting a court decision to euthanize nearly 150 Pit Bulls involved in a fighting ring, the Humane Society of the United States (amidst a firestorm of debates) has issued a new policy, calling for all seized fighting dogs to be examined as individuals, and not as a collective lot.
Dog Talk #115: Veterinary Behaviorists Debate Cesar Millan Training Methods - Is Cesar Millan Barking Up The Wrong Tree? A round table debate with three veterinary behaviorists: Dr. Sophia Yin, Dr. Lisa-Radosta-Huntley and Dr. David Spiegel & trainer Martin Deeley.
Dog-bite survey finds few canines that attack - Denver, CO - Dog bites happen, but they don't happen often, and many bites are preventable. That message, delivered Thursday at a forum in Denver, was gleaned from data taken in Colorado over a year-long period. The Coalition for Living Safely With Dogs, made up of Colorado veterinarians, animal-control officers, animal-care professionals and others presented the data at the group's second annual forum. "The data shows that any dog can bite but most don't," said Nick Fisher, a coalition member.
ITALY - American Humane's Animal Emergency Services Training - March 27-28 - For anyone interested in the welfare of animals following a disaster, professionals trained in disaster response, Emergency Medical Services personnel, firefighters, animal shelter staff, Animal Control officers, Veterinarians & Vet technicians, and animal handlers/trainers. Training classes to develop the skills to respond to, care for and shelter animals during times of disaster, whether at the local or national level.
BRANSON, MO - American Humane's Animal Emergency Services Training - March 27-28 - For anyone interested in the welfare of animals following a disaster, professionals trained in disaster response, Emergency Medical Services personnel, firefighters, animal shelter staff, Animal Control officers, Veterinarians & Vet technicians, and animal handlers/trainers. Training classes to develop the skills to respond to, care for and shelter animals during times of disaster, whether at the local or national level.
Italy, MO - American Humane's Animal Emergency Services Training - March 27-28 - For anyone interested in the welfare of animals following a disaster, professionals trained in disaster response, Emergency Medical Services personnel, firefighters, animal shelter staff, Animal Control officers, Veterinarians & Vet technicians, and animal handlers/trainers. Training classes to develop the skills to respond to, care for and shelter animals during times of disaster, whether at the local or national level.



GREEENWOOD, MO - Greenwood, MO Repeals BSL - Last week, the Greenwood, MO city council voted unanimously to repeal their ban on ‘pit bulls’. As of March 9, 2009, Greenwood no longer has BSL. The city unanimously voted in a breed-neutral ordinance to replace their breed specific one. Congrats to the members of the council for pushing forward a fair ordinance for the residents of their city.
SCOTLAND - Scotland seriously considering a repeal of BSL - ANIMAL campaigners hope that a new law on dangerous dogs will be in place in Scotland by next year. The Nationalist MSP Christine Grahame yesterday relaunched a bill to replace the "flawed" Dangerous Dogs Act. The bill, which is backed by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA), aims to end the ban on some breeds and instead concentrate on dogs' behaviour. Ms Grahame said: "This is being looked on very favourably by the Scottish Government, so hopefully it can be in place within a year. The important thing is that it punishes irresponsible owners."
ITALY - Breed "blacklist" to be eliminated (in Italian) - Italy drops ban on breeds and implements law that will hold owners accountable! More (in English) HERE
WICHITA, KS - **BSL PASSED** - Wichita City Council approves pit bull limitations, other animal rules - The Wichita City Council approved a new animal ordinance today [3/10/2009] that stops short of banning pit bulls but places greater restrictions on their owners. The council voted 6-1 in favor of the ordinance. Council member Paul Gray opposed it, saying there hadn't been enough time to evaluate the effects of the city's current ordinance, passed just over a year ago. Several people, including leaders of the Kansas Humane Society and a local veterinarians' group, spoke against the breed-specific regulations. The new ordinance, which takes effect July 1, will require microchipping, spay/neutering and limit ownership to 2 pit bulls per household. The city council meeting can be viewed via the internet on the City of Wichita website (http://wichitaks.granicus.com/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=2) Click on agenda for the 3/10/09 meeting, and then go to Section III. New Council Business, No. #8. Clicking on the link will take you directly to the animal control debate on the video - you do not have to watch the entire meeting.
Pilot Grove, MO - PG bans vicious dog breeds - Five breeds of dogs are now banned from the City of Pilot Grove, following the passing of Ordinance No. 42 on Monday [3/2/2009] evening. Dogs prohibited under the ordinance include pit bulls, chinesischer kampfhunds, chows, Dobermans and rottweilers. The ordinance states the breeds were chosen because these breeds "have shown a sufficient propensity of viciousness or ability to inflict serious injury such." While the breeds are banned, dogs of the breeds currently licensed with the city are exempt for their lifetime. In addition, owners of banned breeds that aren't licensed have a grace period of 90 days to register the dog with the city. The dogs cannot be transferred to another owner in Pilot Grove city limits. The ordinance also allows for offspring to be removed from the city limits within eight weeks of their birth. Failure to comply with the ordinance could result in a fine of at least $200 and loss of the dog.
WICHITA, KS - Proposal would limit, but not ban, pit bulls - In what city officials call a compromise, proposed changes to Wichita's animal ordinance would not ban pit bulls but would place greater restrictions on their owners. The changes also would relax rules on rabies vaccinations for dogs, cats and ferrets. The proposal will go before the public at district advisory boards next week and before the City Council on March 10, environmental services director Kay Johnson said Friday night.
Wichita, Kansas - Animal Code Up For Revision, Community Input Sought - Changes in animal control and protection rules are being proposed by the City of Wichita Department of Environmental Services. Community input will be solicited through District Advisory Board meetings prior to presenting final recommendations to the City Council for consideration. Comments may also be provided using the following email address: AnimalCode2009@wichita.gov. The proposal includes new regulations and improvements to existing regulations including new pit bull ownership restrictions, amendments to allow flexibility with rabies vaccination schedules, new animal nuisance provisions, new dog park regulations as well as other rules associated with owning livestock, large numbers of animals and breeder regulations. Read more here: Wichita Animal Code Up for Revision
LOGAN, IOWA - Pit bull ban now official - It's official. With publication in the Feb. 25 Logan Herald-Observer, Logan now has a ban on pit bulls in place. The ordinance passed Feb. 18 on the third and final reading at the Logan city council meeting and raises fines for dogs running at large and for unlicensed pets. For the first conviction for an animal running at large, owners will be fined $100. Upon the conviction of a second offense within a year, in addition to a civil penalty of up to $750, the owner will have 72 hours to remove the animal from the city limits.
TEXAS - HB 925 - offense for minor to handle or care for "pit bull breed of dog" - Representative Dutton has introduced HB 925, which makes it an offence for an adult to allow a minor to handle or care for a pit bull breed of dog (defined as "A Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, or any mixed breed of dog that exhibits distinguishing characteristics that substantially conform to the American Kennel Club or United Kennel Club standards for those breeds"). Full text of proposed bill can be found here. Bill status can be tracked here.

Pilot Grove, MO - A copy of the proposed breed ban in Pilot Grove has been obtained. This has yet to go through first hearing and has yet to be passed, and it's not yet known when this will occur. Pilot Grove does not have a website and does not appear to reliably check their e-mail. Per the language of the ordinance, the following types of dogs would be banned: * Pit Bull Dog (defined as Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, and "dogs which have the appearance and characteristics of being predominately" any of these breeds) * Chinesischer Kampfhund (Chinese Fighting Dog) * Chow * Doberman * Rottweiler

Please note that the proposed ban references a section of an ordinance that was passed last year. To make things easier for you, they are all linked here. Proposed Ordinance number 42 - the proposed breed ban that will affect the above-mentioned types of dogs. Section 205 - Animal Regulations (Definitions) that place the above-mentioned types of dogs, PLUS the Bull Terrier, PLUS any dog over 44 pounds or 15.7 inches at the shoulder, into the category of "vicious." (Passed last year) Ordinance number 40 - Outlines the restrictions placed on "vicious" dogs. (Passed last year) Contact information for Pilot Grove is confirmed to be the following: City of Pilot Grove, 213 College Street, PO Box 122, Pilot Grove, MO 65276 City Clerk Catherine M. Lammers, clerk@iland.net 660-834-3551 fax 660-834-4088

MO Bill Number: MO S.B. 201
Bill Status: Pending
Legislature Status: In Session 

Bonding of Fighting Animals - Requires forfeiture and bonding of fighting dogs if seized. Bill Sponsor(s): Sen. Jane Cunningham (R, 7)

MO Bill Number: MO S.B. 63
Bill Status: Pending
Legislature Status: In Session   

Animal Fighting Spectator - Increases the penalty for being a spectator at a dog fighting event from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class D felony for a second or subsequent offense. Bill Sponsor(s): Sen. Scott T. Rupp (R, 2)

MO Bill Number: MO H.B. 724
Bill Status: Pending
Legislature Status: In Session

Animal Fighting Paraphernalia - Prohibits any person from possessing dog fighting paraphernalia and adds a penalty for a second or subsequent offense for persons committing acts related to dog fighting. Bill Sponsor(s): Rep. Paul LeVota (D, 52)



  CENTERFOLD  March 2009  Huggable Harpo

Harpo is very handsome and sweet. There is so much to love about him! The way he rests his head in your hand while you scratch behind his ears or between his eyes is adorable. He has very sweet eyes.... He looks up and just seems to say "Love on me, if only for a little while! I promise to make it worth your time!"

Prior to his rescue, he really had no idea what it was to be spoiled, or have a warm place to sleep, or a good meal two to three times a day, but he's learning!

He is shy until you earn his trust. Then he is silly, loving, playful, and sweet. He is pretty well behaved but tends to be a little bit of a chewer. He LOVES pig ears, nylabones, and anything rawhide!

Once you earn this red boy's trust I have the feeling he will never let you down! He deserves a loving home that will give him the chance to prove it! Harpo's wishing on his 4-leaf clover that you'll open your heart and home to him and make him a part of your family this St. Patrick's Day.



FEATURED VOLUNTEER March 2009  Cara Compernolle

It was a lucky day in July of 2008 when Cara became an MPR volunteer. She had been following the MPR website for a year before she moved away from a BSL area and was finally able to volunteer for fostering or to adopt a pittie of her own. She began to attend MPR adoption events and after meeting all the dogs she decided that she wanted to become a foster home so she could help as many dogs as she would be able to before finally adopting one.

She began by fostering Jewel until she was adopted and is currently a loving foster mom to Lola. She tells us that she's excited to have this opportunity to help more dogs and she has a lot of fun getting to know their different personalities. She says, "Although it is hard to let go of a dog you have come to love I think it's so worth it if I can give one more a chance at a happy life."

She also tries to attend and help with as many adoption events as she's able to.

Cara ... your caring, hard work and commitment are such an asset to MPR and the dogs. We are so very fortunate and thankful to have you on board. From the bottom of our hearts ... thank you!







   NEW BEGININGS February 2009  

I've Been Adopted!
Dash Parr



 HAPPY ENDINGS  Happy Updates are the fuel that keeps rescuers going.....