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P.O. BOX 520043
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April 2012

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Considering the current situation, MPR does NOT support show breeding, backyard breeding, "game breeding", or ANY form of Pit Bull breeding. Pit Bulls are overflowing and being destroyed in area shelters - There is NO excuse to add more to an already over-saturated market.
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Welcome to MPR. Our Mission is to promote responsible Pit Bull ownership, provide breed education, combat pet overpopulation, fight unfair legislation's, and find qualified homes for sound Pit Bull dogs in Missouri.



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 MPR BLOG April 2012


Missouri Pit Bull Rescue's volunteers have been busy at work collecting many fabulous prizes for our bingo event at Hamburger Mary's April 14th and other fundraisers! We will also be holding a silent art auction on August 2nd at Belvoir Winery in Liberty, MO.

Prizes for these events include:

  • Wine tasting for 4 at Belvoir Winery in Liberty, MO: Belvoir Winery is also the location for our Art Auction benefitting MPR on August 2nd, 2012!
  • Handmade jewelry from Bev Faitz
  • Framed print from artist Carole Epley Gray:
  • Scentsy items. Check our website for info on a party with part of the sales donated to MPR!
  • Many other prizes donated by MPR volunteers themselves!

We are so grateful for all of these amazing donations! The generosity of these people and organizations enables us to continue saving homeless pit bull dogs and find them loving homes. We will also have MPR-themed T-shirts and jewelry for sale at all events. Come join us! MPR would also like to thank Jeremy Danner for his donation of supplies for our mini shelter! His generous donation included dog collars, pill pockets, bottled water, paper towels, and a dog bed! THANK YOU JEREMY!

Thank You and Pittie kisses to all who donate!




Shelter living is a life-saving option for the few lucky dogs we can afford to help that way, but we can't do it unless we receive financial assistance from people like you.

We have several programs available. Every penny counts! Become a Helping Hand

I Need A Foster Home Please I Need A Foster Home Please I Need A Foster Home Please I Need A Foster Home Please I Need A Foster Home Please I Need A Foster Home Please I Need A Foster Home Please

MPR shelter is a life-saving opportunity for dogs that have no other options. For dogs that came from a difficult situation, a stay at the shelter is often a step up in life. But shelter life needs to be a temporary solution. In order to find a home, our rescue dogs need to live in a home and learn how to be well-behaved family companions. You can make a difference... PLEASE open your heart and home for one of the sweethearts. They desperately need YOU!

Become a Foster Home






MPR holds Adoption Events on a regular basis to allow the public to meet our dogs, talk to our volunteers about Pit Bull ownership, ask question and spend individual time with a dog they might be interested to adopt.
Please email us if you want to know which dog will be attending posted event(s). Some events may be cancelled in case of rain.



 PIT BULL NEWS April 2012


April 8, 2012 - HAPPY EASTER

Prevent Animal Cruelty Month - Learn How to Recognize Animal Cruelty and take the Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty and more things you can do. National Animal Control Appreciation Week (April 8-14, 2012)
National Volunteer Appreciation Week
(April 10 - 16 of 2012) - National Volunteer Week offers opportunities to thank some of America's most valuable assets - our volunteers - and to recognize the myriad of ways they improve our communities. National Volunteer Week reflects the power that volunteers have to "inspire by example" - volunteers both encourage those they help and motivate others to serve! - MPR volunteer opportunities!
International Guide Dog Day
National Pet Health Insurance Day

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month - Here are some resources you'll want to keep on hand, read and study:

Northland Pet Pantry - The mission of the Northland Pet Pantry is to provide short-term help in the form of free food and basic supplies for the companion pets of people who are struggling financially.


Reminder from the National Canine Research Council - The excellent book The Pit Bull Placebo: The Media, Myths and Politics of Canine Aggression is available for free download at the National Canine Research Council website. Find it here.

Breed Discriminatory Fiscal Impact Calculator - Tool for municipalities in understanding the real cost of enforcing bans and restrictions on dogs because of their looks. The study that led to the calculator pointed out that dogs often identified as pit bulls may be, in fact, another breed entirely, which raises the question on how to properly identify animals that under the law might be banned.

Dog Training with Victoria Stilwell - Top 10 Basic Dog Training Tips - Excellent training tips written by Victoria Stilwell. Five Rules of Positive Dog Training - Positive reinforcement (i.e., giving the dog a reward in the form of praise, play, food or toys when it behaves in a way that you like) has been shown to be the most effective training method. Positive training equals positive results.

Dog Training and the Myth of Alpha-Male Dominance - Victoria was profiled in a recent TIME Magazine article entitled "Dog Training and the Myth of Alpha-Male Dominance." In the article, Victoria helps highlight the differences between traditional dominance-based methods and her brand of positive reinforcement philosophies.

Victoria Stilwell - Child and Dog Safety Guide - No matter how small the dog or young the child, it's never too early to teach children how to interact safely with dogs. 15 Do's and Don'ts for Children and Dogs - An excellent tip sheet written by Victoria Stilwell.

EXPECTING???? - Dogs Need To Be Prepared For Baby, Too - Shawnee Mission Medical Center Offers 'Dog & Storks' Class. Families preparing for a new baby may also want to consider preparing the family pet for the new addition, too. Dogs and Storks class is $29. For more information please see, Shawnee Mission Medical Center Classes

A valuable book called Pet Meets Baby is available in a free download from American Humane Association to help families safely introduce a new baby or new child to a beloved pet, and a new pet to their children. Too often, young families relinquish a pet when the first baby comes, fearing harm to an infant. But there are ways to prepare the pet for a safe introduction to children, and a gentle transition in a family's attention when a new child takes center stage. Read more

ASPCA Kids and Pets Interaction Guide - A wonderful resource for parents to raise their own awareness of children and pet interactions and what's appropriate at each phase of a child's development. The family pet is a best friend for many children - a companion who not only provides unconditional love, but who also teaches them about friendship, responsibility, loyalty, and empathy.
How to let kids pet your dog - As we all know there can be some danger in having a child approach a strange dog and pet it. The Victor Valley Daily Press has a good story on ways to teach kids to pet appropriately as well as warning signs to be wary of.



  BSL NEWS April 2012


Wentsville, MO - How Wentzville Citizens Beat Their Breed Ban to Win Canine Equality - The key to Wentzville's success was that the residents mobilized. They packed the city council meetings. When speaking, they were factual and polite and they didn't go away. Indeed, they followed much of the strategy set forth in Best Friend's tool kit to fight breed discrimination. In the end, the dogs carried the day and canine profiling was repealed - another example of the continuing trend in cities and counties across the U.S. to end breed discrimination.
Carthage, Missouri - Residents seek changes to pitbull ordinance - Two individuals, one a resident and one a potential future resident, approached the Carthage, Missouri city council on Monday to request the city repeal its 20 year old pit bull ban. Although the police chief opposes removing the breed specific language from the ordinance, the matter has been referred to the city attorney, Nate Dally, so that he may research the issue and the ordinances of other cities. This issue is expected to revisited at the next Public Safety Committee meeting slated for 6:30 p.m. Monday, April 16 at the Carthage Police Department. Please take this opportunity politely and respectfully encourage the Carthage city officials to pursue a breed-neutral ordinance that will promote the safety and well-being of citizens and animals alike.
Larned, Kansas - proposed ordinance that would regulate the ownership of "pit bulls" - An animal control issue will be discussed at this Monday's (April 2, 2012) city council meeting. A resident has approached the council and has requested the city enact a breed specific ordinance. That resident will be making a presentation to the council at the meeting. If you are in the Larned, Kansas area, please make every attempt to attend the upcoming meeting. The Council meets at 6:30 p.m. at the Larned City Offices at 417 Broadway Street. Please contact the Larned city officials with your polite, respectful and informative opposition to breed specific legislation. E-mail contact is not available, but you may send your correspondence via the city clerk, Pam Corby, at City of Larned, Kansas, 417 Broadway Street, Larned Kansas 67550 Telephone: 620)285-8500 Fax: 620)285-8544
Springfield, Missouri - Springfield City Council Aims To Tackle Animal Issues With New Task Force - The city of Springfield is looking to update its animal control ordinance, and is creating a task force to look at several issues. The possibility of dropping the breed specific language from the ordinance could be a consideration. Residents are encouraged to reach out to their officials and encourage passing a breed-neutral ordinance that works to maintain the safety and wellness of all members of the community - humans and animals. Contact the Springfield City Clerk's office at (417) 864-1653


An excellent article from Bless the Bullys about BSL and staying informed - Knowledge is power - be an informed dog owner



speak! or rollover!   the choice dog owners need to make - Know the animal ordinances in your town. Don't just be a good pet owner. Insist that your town hold all pet owners to the same high standards to which you hold yourself, whatever kind of dog they share their lives with. Breed specific laws are cruel, and they don't make our communities safer. Humane care of companion animals does.



 MPR CENTERFOLD - April 2012
  Sweet Arianna



This silver beauty is as fun-loving as she is beautiful. Arianna is a happy girl, full of a love for life. She's an outgoing, calm, loving, friendly girl. She is quiet and doesn't bark very often. She can be playful, but also loves to snuggle up with you on the couch. She LOVES to give lots of kisses!

Ari is crate trained, housebroken and knows sit. She does well riding in a car. On a recent outing, she sat in the backseat and didn't move while she looked out the window when she was taken to the Brookside parade. She does well on a leash. She's a very well behaved girl. She is treat motivated, responsive and so eager to please.

Ariana is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. She is affectionate and loves unconditionally. She thinks she's a lap dog! She tends to have a dominant personality so we believe she would make a great companion as an only pet.

She's a gem and would make a great family pet! Don't let this sweet, beautiful girl pass you by ... so APPLY today and let the affection and snuggling begin!



 April 2012
   James Conklin


Featured Volunteer

We're so very pleased this month to recognize the hard work and dedication of our wonderful volunteer, James Conklin.

James began volunteering for MPR in early January of this year. He jumped right in helping where he could by taking a shelter shift, filling in on other shifts when needed, and much to MPR's delight we found out that he's worked construction for almost 25 years and he loves working with his hands and is a great fix-it man! He's done a lot of projects for MPR like laying tile, fixing the fence, oh, and fixing the dryer! could we forget Bullet head-butting him, wanting to help or play, while Jim was laying on the floor working on the dryer..LOL! Jim is currently working on redoing the roof on the building.

Jim tells us that, "Both of my pits are still in Mesa, AZ with my exwife and I miss them very much! My oldest was found while I was working in southern Arizona and he "picked" me after I stopped and gave him water and some of my sandwich that I had. His name is Dogg. Harley, on the other hand, came from a friend of mine that couldn't keep him because of his living arrangement. He is my little Bic lighter thief! When my mother got cancer, I came back to Missouri to help take care of her and was lucky to have come across MPR."

James, your caring, hard work and commitment are such an asset to MPR and the dogs. We are so very fortunate and thankful to have you on board. Thank you! ~ MPR Volunteers








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